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  1. To provide qualitative and valuable education to the rural and urban students.
  2. To create a human being shouldering the social and national responsibilities.
  3. To inculcate the leadership qualities in rural students (especially girl students) through education and music.
  4. To make students realize that education is not only for the sake of job but it is a part of life.
  5. To take sincere efforts on the college level to inculcate a proper sense of fellow- feeling, honesty, morality, discipline, regularity, sincerity, brotherhood, punctuality and unity among the students.
  6. To aim at bringing about all-round personality development of the students to make them able to face challenges in this Competitive world.
  7. To cater to the needs of rural poor and middle class students and enriching them educationally through use of ICT based modern educational courses like Management development and skill development.
  8. To ensure overall development of the students through informal educational means- sports and extra-curricular activities.
  9. To increase the use of seminars, tutorials, paper reading and ICT facilities in classroom teaching-learning activities and increasing interest of students in research activities.