Swoc Analysis of the Institution


↪     Availability of the best infrastructure.
↪     Qualified and research oriented faculty members.
↪     Earn and Learn scheme for economically weak student.
↪     Career Counseling and Competitive Exam Cell.
↪     Students in university merit list and good results.
↪     Student adoption scheme.
↪     Good network of management and teachers with stakeholders.
↪     Good network of management of Co-curricular, extra-curricular and extension activities.
↪     Cordialil atmosphere in college campus.
↪     The college N.S.S. unit is excellent.
↪     CCTV surveillance


↪     No separate library building and no library automation.
↪     Hostel facility is not available for students.
↪     Major, minor, research projects are not submitted in large extent.
↪     Weak in research consultancy.
↪     No collaboration with other organization.
↪     The scope for research is limited as the college pursues under graduate studies only.
↪     Major, minor, research projects are not submitted due to not having 2(f) and 12(b).
↪     Lack of P.G. courses and Research Centre.
↪     Majority of students are belongs to working classes.
↪     Students situated in the Hilly and Economically Backward area.
↪     The students are migrating to District areas.


↪     To introduce multi faculty U.G. and P.G. courses.
↪     To develop welfare mechanism for teaching and non-teaching staff.
↪     Opportunities to collaborate with other organizations
↪     To introduce Need-based extension programmes.
↪     Scope to organize various level seminars, conferences and workshops
↪     To introduce interdisciplinary courses.
↪     To provide more research facilities to stakeholders.
↪     To provide well equipped auditorium, hostels and library for stakeholders.
↪     To start communication skills & soft skill courses.


↪     To generate funds for college development.
↪     To get proposal sanction and implementation of various schemes of UGC
↪     To acquire  funds  from Funding agencies.
↪     To bring the rural/ tribal / and economically weak students in the main of education.
↪     To provide job opportunities to rural students.
↪     To develop research activities & research consultancy.
↪     To make available the separate library reading room facility and hostelfacilities.
↪     To  sign MOU with other organizations/ Associations.